Five Reasons That Your Business Needs Swift Solution Today:
1) Pay Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Setup & Management Complexity
When syndication of PPC advertising was introduced to the internet marketing industry back in 2001, the idea was simple and clear. If your business wanted to appear for a in the search results for a specific keyword, all you had to do was add that keyword to your account, and set your bid price. It was nothing more than a supply and demand marketplace. If you were the high bidder, then you had the top spot, and that was that. All that was required was either regular bid review, or software to manage bids for positioning or spend. Over the years, and even moreso recently, EVERYTHING has changed. Looking at setting up a PPC campaign now includes dozens of factors. Learn more about PPC complexity.

2) Google Shopping Is Becoming A 100% Commercial Site
Google has already taken the initial steps in the transformation of Google Shopping from the previous format which offered merchants free listings via data feeds through the merchant center to the new paid inclusion format. Modificiations will continue through October 1, 2012, at which time the only listings that will appear in Google Shopping will be paid product ads. You can read the description of this update the way Google describes it here.

This conversion requires all current merchant center vendors to setup an account with Google AdWords, link that AdWords account to their merchant center, and setup product ads and the price they are willing to pay per click in order to ensure that their products continue to appear in the results. While this can be done independently, Google AdWords has a vast amount of additional tools and opportunities to not only maintain Google Shopping listings for your products, but also to advertise them to a far wider audience, and also to enhance the analysis of results and conversions. Learn more about Google Shopping.

3) Free Call Tracking
At Swift Solution, we also include a free and robust call tracking service, which allows you to not only monitor offline conversions, but also to monitor how calls to your business are being handled. All calls are not only registered, but also recored, and available to listen to, download, forward, and add specific details or important information i.e. which salesman handled the call, whether a sale was made, the value of the sale, if a callback is required, etc. This free service is an incredible added value for any business that gets offline conversions, and additionally, caller information including name, phone number and address are also included, making future follow up easier, as well as giving you the ability to add potential subscribers to a newsletter, or for future marketing efforts. Learn more about call tracking.

4) Remarketing
This is an amazingly powerful development that has transformed display marketing from what used to be a waste of money to what is now an excellent way to engage visitors to your website, and encourage additional purchases. This technique has proven to provide a good number of additional conversions for most clients, and at a reduced cost per conversion. Learn more about remarketing.

5) Swift Solution pricing and special offers save you money
Along with offering the first $100 in click funding for free to all new customers, our pricing policies are setup to work for you. Learn more about pricing and current special offers.
Call today to discuss how Swift Solution can help you capitalize on all of the features that Google AdWords offers.